How it Works

How it Works

We handle the complex tasks of monitoring and analysing your energy consumption. AI Smart Meters find energy savings of 10-40% per site, without the need to invest in new equipment.


The self learning system can also identify and quantify savings in other CapEx areas that will deliver impactful reductions in energy consumption and emissions. Know the ROI before investment.


Staff are empowered. Weekly reports direct to your store or building managers keep costs under control. Simple KPI highlights and explanations further reduce energy consumption by ~2.5% within a few months.

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Install & Capture

Electrical partners install our AI Advanced Smart Meter hardware in the fuse board of any business or building. Installation takes 2 hours and no software or WiFi is required.

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Deep AI Analysis

The system collects data in real time, gathers basic information from managers, and analyses what's really happening under the surface of your power consumption.

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Realise Savings

Energy wastage is eliminated and better efficiencies are implemented. Results and data are monitored 24/7 to ensure consistent, lower energy consumption and emissions.